Soup Lunch on January 22

The Hospitality Committee will host a Soup Lunch immediately following the worship service on Sunday, January 22, 2017.  If you enjoy making soup or chili, please bring a crockpot full of your favorite recipe.  Prizes will be given to the makers of the tastiest soups!

Questions?  Please call the church office at 402-397-4318.

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

The Session has called for the Annual Meeting of the congregation to be January 29, 2017, immediately following the worship service.

At the Annual Meeting, members of the congregation vote on the pastor’s compensation, elect members to the Nominations Committee and act on any other business that comes before the congregation.  As the old slogan says, “Membership has its privileges.”

Please come to worship, then stay for your opportunity to vote on January 29, 2017!

Soup Lunch

There will be a Soup Lunch immediately following the worship service on Sunday, January 22, 2017.  If you like making soup, please bring a crockpot full of your best recipe.  (A contest will be held for the tastiest soups!) 

Questions?  Please call the church office at 402-397-4318.

Celebration Fellowship Hour

This Sunday, November 3, 2013, immediately following the worship service, we will celebrate the faithful stewardship of the congregatoin with cake and beverages.  We rejoice in the generosity of our worshippers.  We will also show our commitment to the future of our congregation by blessing the new walls with prayers.  We will write our prayers on the wall studs before the sheetrock goes up.  Some day, 50 years from now, when a future congregation is remodeling, they will find our prayers and good wishes.

Join us this Sunday for a celebratory morning!

Congregational Lunch

A congregational brunch will be served on May 20, 2018, immediately following the worship service.  The Hospitality Committee will be serving Tom Olson’s famous ham loaf.  If your last name begins with L-Z will you please bring a side dish or dessert.

Looking ahead, in June we will be having worship and a meal at the Benson Park Pavilion on June 24.  Be watching this page for more information about this fun Sunday.


Underwood Hills Church Extends Warm Hospitality

At Underwood Hills, we know that hospitality creates a space where strangers become friends.  We seek to create such a space in a variety of ways so that people can enjoy fellowship and community with one another.  Whether you are married, single, divorced or widowed - you will be warmly welcomed.

After worship services, we enjoy refreshments and conversation in the Commons.  This is a place and space to get to know one another.  Once a month, our congregation has lunch together following the worship service.  Eating together creates and renews friendships.

Come to Underwood Hills, where strangers become friends.


How Are Christian Citizens of the United States Called to Welcome the Foreigner?

Immigration in general, and immigration reform in particular are two issues frequently in the news.  Sometimes, we simply read the headlines, not capturing everything in an article.  Sometimes, we hear snippets of the news on TV or the radio.  Maybe we seen something about immigration on Facebook, which isn’t exactly a news source.  How do we know that we are getting helpful, accurate information, and more importantly, how are we as Christians to respond to the needs of immigrants?

To explore immigration from a faith perspective, we are offering a three-week class on immigration, beginning Sunday, June 3, at 4:00 pm.  The sessions are as follows:

  • Sunday, June 3:  Assumptions and Immigration Policy.  Almost everyone agrees that the current immigration system is not working and needs to be changed. This session seeks to provide an explanation of what is happening currently, including proposals for immigration reform.

  • Sunday, June 10: A Christian Perspective and Hospitality.  How does our Christian faith provide a value perspective that shapes our attitudes and responses about immigration? This session will present some of the ethical and religious views that are influencing public discussions.

  • Sunday, June 17: A Legal Perspective.  One or two lawyers from the Immigrant Legal Center (formerly Justice for Our Neighbors) will be present to share the facts about immigration in the U.S.

You are invited to attend this educational event.  Do you know someone who has concerns about immigration?  Please invite them to join you in attending these sessions.