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Stewardship Jeopardy

October 16, 2015 at 11:32 AM

Our congregation has been having fun with "Stewardship Jeopardy" on Sunday mornings.  "Stewardship Jeopardy" is a sort of parody of the game show "Jeopardy."  All the questions have to do with stewardship and how faithful giving supports the ministry of the church and also the mission of the church.  We've been reminded that our giving supports Habitat for Humanity, Crossroads Connection prison ministry, Siena-Francis House and the Ambassador. 

And, talking about jeopardy has been helpful to me.  Jeopardy means being in danger of failure or loss or harm.  Yet, stewardship means trusting God with our lives and our resources.  "Stewardship Jeopardy" is almost an oxymoron, like 'jumbo shrimp,' or 'awful good.'  When we practice stewardship – giving a portion of resources back to God – our lives become filled with faithfulness and gain and well-being. 

Stewardship is a faith practice.  It takes mindfulness and prayer.  And, it is a way of drawing closer to God.  I hope that you will consider growing in stewardship – you will gain and so will those around you.

Peace to you!