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God Does Work Miracles

April 01, 2016 at 2:42 PM

butterfly.jpgSeveral weeks ago, we got a small jar of goop and 5 very small caterpillars inside the jar.  The goop is their food.  For about 10 days, they crawled, ate, pooped and spun silk inside their jar.  They grew from ¼" long to almost 1-1/2" long and fat and fuzzy.

The caterpillars then crawled to the top of their little jar, hung upside down in the shape of a J, and then a hard coating enveloped them.  They became chrysalids, and pretty much looked like they were dead.  (I moved the chrysalids to a large butterfly habitat.)

The instructions said that in 10 days, butterflies would emerge.  Ten days came and went, and still just chrysalids.  Twelve days passed.  On the thirteenth day, I emailed the company that provided the caterpillars and was told that sometimes it took longer.  I realized it was becoming a lesson in patience.  AND, that afternoon, two butterflies were in the habitat.  They had emerged.

This morning, four butterflies are in the habitat, drying their wings.  I look at them and realize that God does do miracles.  That God can change a ¼" caterpillar into a chrysalis into a butterfly is miraculous.  It also reminds me that sometimes in life, we must go through a dormant time, a time of quiet change, and yet during that time God is at work.  Sometimes the miracle is that God transforms us into the people God intends us to be.

As butterflies flit through our gardens in the summer, we might take them for granted.  I hope to be reminded of the power of God when I see a butterfly and that he can transform me, too.  I just need to be patient while he is at work in me.