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A Different Take on Lent

March 08, 2018 at 3:26 PM

When someone says it so well, there is no need to edit – only to give credit. This is from today’s devotional, written by Kyle Matthew Oliver.

“Brother Roger, founder of the Christian monastic community called Taizé in France, had an intriguing definition of the season of Lent: ‘forty days granted us in which to marvel at a love too great for words.’

“He didn’t talk about giving something up or taking something on. He didn’t say anything about a “season of repentance and self-examination.” He asked, in essence: What better way is there to draw closer to God and God’s purposes for us than to simply step back and be astonished by how much God loves us?”

What a wonderful insight. 

Tags: Lent, love, self-examination