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September 18, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Mahatma Ghandi has been quoted as saying, "I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." can't find a clear source that he ever actually said this.  However, it has become a clarion call to Christians who want to be known for who they really are and not for whom the media or critics try to say that they are.

I recently saw an editorial posted on Facebook that seeks to claim who Christians really are.  The author admits to having been lost, but now found and forgiven; stumbling along the way and needing God's guidance; being weak and needing God's strength; having failed and needing divine help to clean up the messes; being quite flawed and trusting God's love in spite of those flaws; having heartaches upon heartaches, and leaning into God for comfort; being a sinner and needing God's grace.

That is, a life of faith is a humble life.  It's a life dependent not on self, but on God.  It is trusting God in the darkness, waiting for the light to shine again.  It is living through the struggles of life, and putting hope in God's future.  It doesn't mean being like Christ (who was human and divine, and without sin), but rather following Christ with humility. 

I see this humility in the Christians that gather at Underwood Hills Church.  I see this humility in the worshipper who shared that her son has had three DUIs and asking for others to pray for her son and for her.  I see this humility in the ex-offenders (who are church members) who give thanks to God and to the congregation for walking with them as their lives transformed.  I see this humility in church leaders willing to share with one another the heartaches in their families, leaning on each other for comfort and understanding.  I see this humility in the church member living with bipolar disorder, openly sharing with others the pain of this illness.  I see this humility in the other church members who love and support her just the same. 

So, I invite you to Underwood Hills Church.  None of us are perfect; none of us are strong; none are without pain; none of us are proud.  We are people seeking God's grace, walking with one another, and following Christ with humility.  Come and experience loving acceptance.